• About Our Mission

    Our Mission is to bring holistic mental health care into the forefront of trauma recovery; to encourage self-care and collaboration between allopathic and holistic healthcare professionals, and to train all professionals to work effectively with trauma survivors.

    Our Vision:

    • We envision a world where every person regardless of age race, orientation, etc. feels safe, empowered, and connected.
    • Where self-care, empathy, and compassion are foundational to trauma recovery.
    • Where mental health care is about health versus pathology, disorder, and stigma.
    • Where post traumatic growth, resilience, and a person’s innate capacity to heal are established as inextricable focal points of the healing paradigm.
    • Where allopathic and complimentary healthcare professionals work collaboratively to restore balance in the collective and individual body, mind, and spirit.

    Our Values:

    We strive to guide our healing center according to the following Trauma Informed values:

    • Safety
    • Trustworthiness &Transparency
    • Community and Connection
    • Empowerment & Choice
    • Respect of Culture, History & Gender

    The Body-Based Mindfulness Center is a place where our partners and their various providers come together and nurture what’s possible in trauma recovery. We ensure that clients have a choice of who they work with, what services they experience, and how they access those services (online or in person). Regardless of if you choose to work with only one or perhaps many of the providers at The Body-Based Mindfulness Center, you can be assured that providers you choose are dedicated to walking by your side every step of the way.