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    About Our Partners

    In addition to being a beautiful and welcoming space, The Body-Based Mindfulness Center is a professional partnership between various business owners who have come together with the intention of supporting clients in resolving trauma, accessing holistic care, and reconnecting clients to their core-essential self.

    The Body-Based Mindfulness Center is a place where our partners and their various providers come together and nurture what’s possible in trauma recovery. We ensure that clients have a choice of who they work with, what services they experience, and how they access those services (on-line or in person). Regardless of if you choose to work with only one or perhaps many of the providers at The Body-Based Mindfulness Center, you can be assured that our partners are dedicated to walking by your side every step of the way.

    Learn more about Partners of The Body-Based Mindfulness Center Below:

    Somatic Solutions Counseling

    Somatic Solutions is a small mental health group practice specializing in mindfulness and body-oriented therapeutic interventions that focus on stress, overwhelm, and trauma resolution. The owner of Somatic Solutions, Alpha Gunn, MA, LPC started out as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist. She taught yoga for over 20 years and is trained in Healing Touch, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga, and other healing modalities that have been foundational in her own trauma recovery. Alpha became a mental health therapist because at the age of 17, she had a therapist who changed the trajectory of her life. Alpha believes her life’s work is about paying this change forward.

    To learn more and/or schedule a consultation with any of the providers at Somatic Solutions Counseling click here.


    Sacred Fields Healing, LLC

    Sacred Fields Healing is a collective of trauma-aware holistic healing professionals who partner with The Body-Based Mindfulness Center to offer complementary healing modalities such dance, mindfulness, massage, self-defense, Trauma Touch Therapy, yoga class and individual yoga therapy, etc.

    Providers at Sacred Fields Healing use a variety of modalities to bring about the health and vitality that integrate body-mind-and spirit.

    Such modalities include:


    Melinda Kay, LCSW

    Melinda is a clinical social worker partnering with The Body-Based Mindfulness Center. Melinda utilizes a holistic, eclectic, somatic, and mindful approach to mental health. She is trained in several modern modalities that help to improve quality of life and overall well-being. She is experienced in working with early life and adult trauma, stress and anxiety, depression, addictions, premarital couples, and with parents who are looking for more skills to create stronger and happier families.

    Melinda is specialty trained in EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Rapid Resolution Therapy with additional training in Neuro-psychotherapy and Somatic Therapy. All are effective in treating anxiety, grief and loss, addictions and many types of stress and trauma related experiences, including sexual assault.


    Phone: 719.423.6439

    Website: https://www.melindakay.com/