• About The Center:

    The Body-Based Mindfulness Center is located in a beautiful, 4,500 square foot Victorian home in the Old North End of Colorado Springs. The home itself was built in 1899 and has been a specified place of healing for over 30 years in our community.

    The building was previously referred to as the offices at 1414 N. Nevada and has been home to many medical doctors, psychiatrists, and mental health providers over the last 30+ years. These professionals dedicated themselves to providing healing services to our community; their work has infused the space with a healing vibration that can be felt by all who enter.

    Beginning in May of 2021, the offices at 1414 N. Nevada have become home to The Body-Based Mindfulness Center, a healing center located in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. The three buildings on the property provide ample space for healing. Each building is warm, welcoming, and calming to all who enter.

    Our clinical offices are located in the main building as are our trauma-informed yoga, dance, and other classes. The Cottage at the back of the main building provides a quiet and peaceful space for healing modalities such as Reiki, massage, and Trauma Touch Therapy. Finally, what was once a simple garage space is now home to The Dojo, where clients can find empowerment through the practice of individualized self-defense.

    We consider the Body-Based Mindfulness Center a sacred space where people of all backgrounds are welcomed, encouraged, and empowered.